Camping tickets include access to CAMPING GROUNDS and to the BALLROOM STAGE.

The site is open from Wednesday August 23th at 10 am and will close on Monday August 28th at 12pm.

The camping site has all facilities, with free access to showers and sanitaries.

The list of tickets is made per tent size in order to ensure a perfect division of the spaces inside the Opera Festival Camping Grounds.


No generators or sound systems in the camping area.

Only small charging devices allowed (e.g. phone chargers).

No food and drinks.

You must respect nature and other campers

Strictly no glass allowed anywhere on site. 

Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

No pets allowed. 

Please don’t misuse the facility provided and follow the time schedule. 

Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated (e.g. excessive drinking, drug use and aggressive behaviour). Any of the above could result in removal from the festival or denied entrance. 

Illegal substances are prohibited. 


Only people with a tent ticket (bought online or at the info point) will be able to access the camping area. The tent ticket includes access to the Ballroom stage – a wristband will be provided at the check-in. In order to check in you must show your Eventbrite booking. 


23/08 – between 15 h and 20 h

24/08 – between 10 h and 20 h

25:08 – between 10 h and 20 h

26/08 – between 10 h and 20 h

27/08 – between 10 h and 15 h 

Check out 

The last check out is by 12pm the day after your final camping night.

Monday the 28th you must check out by 10.00.



The camping ticket is only valid for 1 tent, 2-4 persons, unless stated otherwise. 


Toilets and showers are provided within the camping area 


Food stands will be available in a designated area. 


The charging point is available in the check-in box at the entrance.

Where is the camping check in point?
The checking point is located at the entrance of the ballroom.


Does the camping ticket include entrance to all the festival venues?
The camping ticket only includes entrance to the ballroom stage.

Is the camping ticket reimbursable?
No, the camping ticket isn’t reimbursable.

How many people are included in a camping ticket? Could we have more than one tent with one ticket?
Only one tent is included in a camping ticket. The number of people included may vary depending on which ticket has been purchased. Please check your ticket.

What facilities are in the camping area?
In the camping area there are toilets, showers, food and drinks area and a charging point. No hot water provided.