The ballroom will be the daytime venue for the Opera Festival. Nestled in the woods, it is characterized by shaded areas and a natural setting that will host showcases, live performances, and DJ sets.

Radio Piazza

In the central square of the small village of Milo, with a breathtaking view, Radio Piazza is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset, sip a glass of wine, and listen to good music on vinyl.

Punto Base

Surrounded by Etnean countryside and lush vineyards, Punto Base Opera will be the venue for the after shows of the Opera Festival, our dancefloor until sunrise.

Ilice di Carrinu

“Ilice di Carrinu” is indeed one of the oldest trees found on the volcano, with its characteristic dark green foliage and long branches that will host a dialogue between the sounds of our guest and the vibrant energy of nature,

I Vigneri

I Vigneri 1435 is the venue that will host the special project of Etna Morning, which takes place when day meets night and the sun rises behind the majesty of Mount Etna.